Travel Advisory for Belize

Some Facts about the Country Belize in Central America

Travel Information Belize

Capital City


Belize Airport

BZE – Philip S.W. Goldson International Airport


The official language is English, however more than half of the population also speaks Spanish. In the Northern and Western part of Belize, most people only speak Spanish. Furthermore, Mayan languages, Creole, Chinese and Hindi are also spoken.

Time Zone

GMT – 6

Belize’s flag

The Belizean flag is light blue with red gules stripes at the top and bottom, making up 20% of the total width of the flag. There is a white circle with the coat of arms in the center.

Travel Documents

When you travel to Belize (except when traveling by cruise ship), your
passport should be valid for at least the period of the intended stay. However, we advise you that your passport is valid for at least six months after departure from Belize. Please note that passport requirements can change in a short notice. Therefore we advise you to check the passport requirements with the embassy or consulate of your country.


When you enter Belize, you will receive a visa stamp in your passport saying you are able to stay in Belize for 30 days. Please note that visa requirements can change in a short notice. Therefore we advise you to check the visa requirements with the embassy or consulate of your country.

Airport Tax

Upon departure from Belize you are required to pay a departure tax of around 35 dollars per person. The amount is subject to local changes.


Belizean dollar (BZD)

Bank Facilities

Generally, you can use all bank cards at the Belize Bank. Stickers on the ATMs show which cards you can use. Credit-cards are accepted in the larger hotels and restaurants.


Belize is a melting pot of cultures. The diversity of the cultures is reflected in the Belizean cuisine, making the cuisine one of the most varied in Central America. Rice and beans predominate each meal, however with the many different herbs incorporated, most dishes differ a little bit. Seafood such as conch, lobster and shrimp are also very popular. The local drink is called ‘Seaweed’, a mix of seaweed, milk, cream and sugar.


There are no vaccinations required to enter Belize. However, you are advised to take precautions against hepatitis A and B, malaria, typhus and yellow fever. A vaccination certificate is required when you travel to Belize from a Yellow Fever infected area. Furthermore, you are advised to discuss your travel plans with a health- care provider to determine which vaccination you might need.


Belizean water is said to be drinkable, however if you are not accustomed to it, you may have stomach problems for a few days. While traveling in Belize, you are advised to avoid tap water, fountain drinks and ice cubes. It is advisable to only drink bottled or boiled water. Also try to avoid street-food and always wash your hands before eating.


The electricity current is 110/120 volts, 60Hz. Belize generally accepts the following plugs:

  • Flat blade plug
  • Two parallel flat pins with ground pin

Weather in Belize

Belize has a subtropical climate with a sea breeze and warm temperatures throughout the year. Belize has a dry and wet season. The dry season starts approximately in December and ends in May, the rain season starts around June and ends in November with June, July and August having the most showers. The official hurricane season for the Caribbean is from June until November. September and October have the highest occurrence of hurricanes.