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The Majestic San Felipe Castle

If you want to spend your next vacation in Guatemala, you cannot miss a tour that will take you to the Castillo de San Felipe. It will certainly remind you of the Medieval Era when you spot it in the distance. This stone fortress linking Lake Izabal with the Río Dulce, since it is located […]

Swimming with Dolphins in Roatan Honduras

Traveling to Roatan, Honduras Come to Roatan Honduras and don’t miss the unique experience of swimming with Dolphins, firstly a thirty minute flight will take you from Tegucigalpa to this beautiful Island, a true paradise for visitors who come to vacation in this Central American country.  Roatan has a spectacular appeal for the crystal clear […]

Lobster-fest in Belize

Travel Belize and be part of the Lobster-fest in Placencia, it takes place on the last weekend in June every year. The largest celebrations occur on Saturday of that weekend. The Lobster-fest is a massive fair where you can find a wide variety of lobster dishes such as lobster ceviche, grilled lobster or curried lobster. […]

Day of the Death Festival in Mexico

A worldwide known festival in Mexico “Day of the Death” known as “Hanal Pixan” in Yucatán, where families remember their loved ones who have passed away, yet at the same time celebrate that life continues. The people believe that the souls of the dead come back and are all around them. Colorful flowers as well […]

All Saints Day – Guatemala

Travel to Guatemala and have a look it’s ancestral traditions.  Throughout the Catholic world, November 1st is celebrated as Día de Todos Santos (All Saints Day) or Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead). On this holy day, all saints are honored. The Day of All Souls is celebrated on November 2nd. On these […]

Holy Week in Antigua Guatemala

Holy Week in Antigua Guatemala is a colorful display of traditional culture and folklore. The festive streets are filled with movement. It is an incredible insight into the spiritual life of Guatemala. Easter Week in Antigua, Guatemala is the biggest festival in the region. This week is greatly anticipated by the locals, as well as […]

Tajumulco Volcano, Guatemala

Tajumulco’s volcano summit is 4,220 meters above sea level and the highest point in Central America. This volcano has been dormant for years, and the area around Tajumulco was declared a protected area since 1965. Tajumulco volcano is composed of andesitic-dacitic lavas on the top of a large escarpment of uncertain origin. It has two […]

El Mirador, Guatemala

Often when you hear about the great pyramids of the world you think about the Egyptian pyramids or perhaps the Pyramid of the Sun in Mexico. But did you know that Guatemala is actually home to the largest pyramid in the world? ‘La Danta’ Pyramid of El Mirador is located in the Northern Petén region […]

Fuentes Georginas, Hot springs in Guatemala

Fuentes Georginas is a picturesque hot spring nestled into the beautiful mountains of Zunil, near Xela, a perfect tour Guatemala tour. If you are learning Spanish or are just looking to experience the local culture in Xela, Fuentes should make it onto your to do list. Hot springs in Guatemala The Western Highland of Guatemala […]

Guatemala for first-timers

With its diverse indigenous culture, rich Maya heritage and colonial charm, a Guatemala tour package is an intoxicating adventure for both the jaded and novice traveler. That said, visiting for the first time can be a daunting experience. Embassy warnings, economic hardships and a bewildering range of things to see and do can be off-putting. […]