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Coronavirus Travel Guidelines

Coronavirus Travel Guidelines. The world lives in difficult times now, as the COVID-19 pandemic has challenged us all in one way or another. Also, it taught us new ways to relate to one another and to appreciate what is valuable in life. Countries of the world have had to temporarily close their borders and we all had to stop, slow down or stay home. 

Thus some wonder “is it safe to travel again?” Admittedly, no one has a clear answer yet, because it will depend on each country and/or region. It is clearly safer to travel with a tour company like Mayan Gateway which is taking COVID-19 seriously. We prioritize the health of our guests and staff, and for this very important reason we are taking as many precautions as possible to protect our travelers and staff. Read more information here: 

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Coronavirus Travel Guidelines

Even though it will not be the same, we will certainly travel again, we only will need to adjust to the new protocols.  There will be safety measures that you will have to take and respect in every place you go. Mayan Gateway Travel Agency keeps updated with the information of each country within our many destinations in ‘Central America’. 

We are on top of everything to guarantee the safety of our travelers.  Protocols and health security systems are continuously changing, but we will keep you updated on this matter.  Check the web of World Tourism Organization for the update on Restrictions on Tourism Travel.

Possibly the most immediate and visible change that you will appreciate will be the lessened contact and even areas of non-contact, not only in the airport but throughout your trip. Since minimizing risk is being sought, you will see strict cleaning protocols, especially in the areas of greatest risk, such as the areas for the exchange of travel documents. As a rule, any risky place will be avoided and there will be minimum contact with other people to keep you safe, while you enjoy the journey.

Without a doubt, after COVID-19, crowded venues will no longer be as popular as they once were. Hence you will find many more options to travel to remote or little-known places. Also, this will give you of course the great advantage of enjoying hidden paradises safely and without crowding. From jungle hikes or bird watching to sailing or snorkeling adventures, Central America surely has something for you!

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Coronavirus Travel Guidelines. Mayan Gateway

One of the great advantages of traveling with us is that we know the area, the people and their customs. In addition, we are also aware of important news and events from all our destinations. As a benefit, you will have experts in the field advising you in planning your next vacation in Central America.  Read more about the benefits of traveling with experts: Travel with a Travel Agency vs. DIY

Due to the pandemic caused by COVID-19, we will be implementing a security protocol for all trips. The measures are designed to help protect the health of our travelers, as well as the guides, pilots, etc. Read, below, the preventive measures we will take throughout the trips:

  1. Private Transportation

In fact, this is something we have always done. Our transportation is always private, including airport transfers. With this measure, we minimize unnecessary contact with other people and possible risks. 

  1. Vehicles With Enough Space

We will use vehicles double the necessary size. For example, if it is a couple, we will at least use a vehicle with capacity for 4 passengers. If there are 4 travelers, we will use a vehicle for 8 passengers. In summary, there will be plenty of free space inside, so there can be “social distancing”.

  1. Secure Hotels

The hotels we will be working with are recognized and responsible. They will also be constantly evaluated to ensure that they comply with hygiene measures, social distancing, etc.

  1. Social Distancing

In order to comply with this important prevention standard, we will only include in our itineraries places where it is possible to maintain ‘social distancing’.  For example, we would not take a traveler to a museum that is very small where there are many people at the same time or there is no space.  Instead, we have a huge variety of places for you to visit without worrying about the crowds. Most of the attractions in Central America are outside! For example, the Mayan ruins and jungle, endless space to practice Social Distancing. It should be noted that our drivers and guides will keep the distance of 2 meters at all times with customers.

  1. Suitable Places to Eat and Shop

You will have the advice and recommendations of the most suitable places to eat or shop in each destination.  We know restaurants where there may be social distancing and where there may be space between the tables.  Furthermore, we also know which are the convenience or souvenir stores that comply with the rules of hygiene and social distancing. In general, you will have our timely advice and counselling to find the best options.

  1. Hygiene & Protection on the Road

Until the use of the masks in public places is maintained as a preventive measure, we will be providing our clients with new sealed face masks, if they do not have them.  On the same note, all of our vehicles will also have hand sanitizer available.

The most impressive destinations in Central America are waiting for you!

Choosing Better to Travel Safer

Coronavirus Travel Guidelines

Private vs Public Transport

Despite not being very comfortable, public transportation is even a tourist attraction in some Central American countries. Although, there are also semi-private options.  Nevertheless, the public transport is usually colorful, very crowded and cheap. You can see people from the local community in their daily lives. 

The impossibility of maintaining social distance in public transport leaves private transport as the only viable and safe option. Moreover, it not only gives you comfort, but also the ease of traveling in a secure and safe way.  

Off the Beaten Path vs Crowded

Central America has wonderful destinations off of the beaten path for you to enjoy a safe and fun vacation.  The countries here have so many Natural and Cultural wonders, however there are not as many tourists as there are in other parts of the world. Besides, there are plenty of places which are hidden gems. They are perfect for a thrilling jungle hike or a peaceful boat ride at sunset.   

With expert advice, you can plan an exciting trip, while avoiding crowded places that pose a risk of COVID-19 infection. The greatest advantage of these kinds of places is that many times you will feel as if they are only for you.

Natural Adventures vs Touring Cities

Without a doubt there are many interesting cities worth visiting, each one with different and very particular tourist attractions.  Particularly the Colonial Cities with their beauty and history make travelers from all over the world fall in love with them. Despite this, we must remember that we need to maintain social distance, which is always more difficult in a city, but it is not impossible if you know the ways. 

Central America is a land of impressive natural beauty, and consequently it is worth visiting. Its imposing volcanoes, beautiful lagoons and magical cenotes will take your breath away. 

Moreover, the most amazing biological reserves and the Barrier Reef Reserve System will take you to a different and wonderful world. Unparalleled adventures like Zip Line, River Rafting, Cave Tubing, Kayaking and many more.  In summary, natural destinations not only offer you the security of social distancing, necessary for everyone’s safety, but also the opportunity to spend the time of your life

Private vs Collective Tours

There are many group tours that offer established itineraries to tourist attractions at cheaper prices.  During these collective tours people travel in a transport that is usually full. While they visit the place, they all do it together in a large group.  The great disadvantage in the current situation is a serious risk of contagion of COVID-19.  Unlike these, a private tour firstly gives you the comfort and safety of a private transportation. Secondly, the visit to the attraction is also private, this means your private guide can take you to less crowded places. In addition, you will surely enjoy more of a guided, safe and private tour.

Central America is off the beaten path. You will find chances of Social Distancing everywhere, especially if you compare these countries with the touristy destinations in the world. 

Things to consider for Traveling

Coronavirus Travel Guidelines

There are very few things to consider when planning your next trip to Central America after COVID-19. We list below some of them for you to consider:

Hygiene & Health

Widely known, frequent handwashing can avoid being infected with COVID-19, but how do you do this if you are on the move? Well, there certainly are many ways, from gel sanitizer to damp towels. Hence, when you are preparing luggage for your next trip, you should take this into account. You must certainly have some in your hand bag.  

All of our vehicles will have hand sanitizer and disposal papel towels available. 

Travel Protection

Many people today have experienced the great benefits of insuring their trips.  Now more than ever, this is something you should not forget the next time you travel. Nevertheless, in the past the insurance sold by both insurance companies and Airlines, did not include things such as the outbreak of a pandemic. Today, secure providers will have to adapt to our new reality and offer better options to the traveler.

At Mayan Gateway, we always strongly recommend our clients to purchase a Travel Cancellation Protection Insurance. By doing so, you’ll get a peace of mind you need to fully enjoy your next vacation in Central America. Keep in mind that Travel Insurance and Travel Cancellation is not included in our tour prices. 

Travel Documentation

Gradually countries are opening their borders when it is safe to allow travelers to pass. They will each impose their own regulations for entry. Therefore, this can represent temporary visas, and a lot of documentation that you must take with you. Being very well informed before traveling, especially if you come from a country considered as a critical point of the outbreak, is a very good idea.  

Many countries will not even risk doing tests at the border; therefore, the immunity certificate will become the preferred passport. Whether you have recovered from COVID-19 infection or you have been vaccinated (once available), this certificate could save the traveler many lines.

Don’t Travel Sick

It will be socially unacceptable to travel with a cold or any illness, especially those of a respiratory nature. Therefore, this recommendation goes even for those who have already recovered from COVID-19 and have built up immunity. It is a matter of social empathy. People everywhere will be very sensitive to see a traveler sneezing a lot on a plane.

To learn about these in detail and stay informed of the currently emergency, visit the link of:  World Health Organization