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Discover Guatemala and Belize


Both countries are wildly different travel destinations. So this multi-country tour promises many unforgettable experiences.  The discover Guatemala and Belize trip is for friends or family and offers a glimpse into not only the most representative Mayan cities in Guatemala, but also the Barrier Reef in Belize which is the largest barrier reef system of the northern hemisphere. 

A perfect vacation package to explore and relax for 10 days. It is one of our most popular tours. Explore ruins of the Mayans, hike active volcanoes, visit indigenous villages, and swim in the Great Barrier Reef of Belize. 

❂ Highlights

  1. Coffee Tour of a local farm
  2. City tour of Antigua Guatemala
  3. Boat tour of Lake Atitlan and Maya villages
  4. Explore the indigenous market of Chichicastenango
  5. Mayan City of Tikal
  6. Tour of the Mayan site of Xunantunich
  7. Sailing and Snorkeling tour to the barrier reef of Belize


Discovering Guatemala and Belize Tour with Mayan Gateway.
Discover Guatemala and Belize

Discover Guatemala and Belize


In the airport of Guatemala City, a driver will be waiting for you to take you to Antigua. Antigua Guatemala is truly a jewel of colonial and modern urban architecture. Certainly, it maintains all the characteristics of a magnificent colonial city stopped in time. 


Antigua is famous for its well-preserved Spanish architecture, as well as a number of stunning ruins of colonial convents and churches. In addition to the beautiful architecture, the triple ascent of the 3 volcanoes, Agua, Fuego, and Acatenango, form a majestic background to this city.

In the morning, you will have an interesting tour of a coffee farm. Firstly, a lovely hike through coffee fields, while learning to process and roast your favorite beverage. After that, make your own fresh cup of coffee! 


Explore the charming city of Antigua with a professional guide. See its churches, ruins, cobblestone streets and the famous cathedral of the city. 


Antigua Guatemala makes you feel like you are in another era.


Finally, a driver will transfer you to Lake Atitlan. In the Atitlan, you will take a boat across the lake to your hotel, located in a small town bordering the lake. 

On this day of your Guatemala and Belize tour, you will take a boat tour to explore Lake Atitlan and the indigenous towns located along its shores. These towns are especially attractive for their colorful streets and crafts, but also for their breathtaking views. 


Three volcanoes and rolling mountains paint an unforgettable landscape of Lake Atitlan  considered one of the most beautiful lakes in the world.

The largest and most colorful market of Central America, Chichicastenango. Every Thursday and Sunday, the streets of the town are filled with color and variety. 


This traditional market offers the largest variety of Guatemalan handmade goods, sold directly from the hands of its producers. From crafts to medicinal plants or even chickens!


After a tour of the market, we will drive to the airport of Guatemala City for your domestic flight to the island of Flores. One of the most visited places in Guatemala for its huge Mayan heritage.

Your guide will pick you up from you hotel in the morning and take you to the National Park of Tikal. The ruins at Tikal are known for the numerous structures that are still standing strong, a quality that visitors to the Plaza of the Seven Temples will truly appreciate. 


This high degree of preservation is certainly a credit to the builders of Tikal. The tree-covered temples and palaces, so frequently encountered at Tikal, have been preserved this way for almost a millennium.


After Tikal, you may choose to return to the island of Flores, or you may visit the National Park Ixpanpajul. In this park, there are several activities to enjoy such as horseback riding or canopy tours above the jungle canopy.

We will drive deep into the jungle in order to see Yaxha. The third largest known Mayan city in the lowlands of Guatemala. Located to the north of the Lagoon of the same name. It contains more than 500 structures just at its very center. 


The site has 40 stone sculptures, 13 altars, 9 temples and 2 ball courts. Hike the jungle, explore the ruins, and enjoy the breathtaking views at the top of the temples. 


Afterwards, we will drive to Belize. 

Tour to the caves of ATM. After a short hike to the entrance of the cave, you will then swim to the other side before continuing the hike. 


Once across, you will see several Mayan treasures and the bones of those who were once sacrificed in a ceremony by the Mayans.


In the afternoon, a driver will take you to the city of Belize. Once there, you will take a water taxi o the small island of Caye Caulker. Later, you will be able to check in for your snorkeling tour the following day. The reminder of the day is free to rest and relax. 

Today you will take a sailing and snorkeling tour. This tour includes three different stops: the Hol Chan Channel, Shark and Ray Alley, and the Coral Gardens. A wonderful opportunity to see waving corals, brightly colored tropical fish and aquatic plants. 


These all lie along the largest barrier reef in the northern hemisphere. Certainly, you will have the opportunity to look for over 350 species of fish in the clear blue tropical waters.

This four-mile-long island offers great locations for snorkeling and diving trips. If you have a diving certification, you will be able to rent diving equipment and a guide to venture into the best deep-sea diving of Belize. 

Sadly our discover Guatemala and Belize adventure ends today, you will take the water taxi back to the city of Belize. In the water taxi station, a driver will be waiting for you to take you to the international airport. 

Do you have any questions? Please, don’t hesitate to contact us. If you would like to extend your trip to Belize, and get your PADI Diving Certification, let us know and we can customize your itinerary accordingly. 

Extensions ⇢

Stand-up paddle-boarding on Lake Atitlan

On a paddleboard, you feel like you are walking on water. You will feel like you will be chilling out, being active, and moving over all at the same time which is a good combo. Our guides will have you paddling like a pro in a matter of minutes. Our excursions offer incredible value for money including 2+ hours of stand-up paddle boarding, equipment, guides and a short lesson included.

Duration: 2+ hours. Price per guest from: $25

The great Blue Hole

The Great Blue Hole is an exceptional underwater sinkhole that is placed off the coast and lies near the midpoint of Lighthouse Reef. It is the largest sinkhole of the world, measuring an unbelievable 300 meters (984 feet) across and roughly 125 meters (410 feet) deep. Easily detectable from space, is one of the most supreme dive spots of the world.

Tour options: Blue Hole from the air, and snorkeling excursion. 

Cooking classes at a local community

Whether you are travelling with a friend, your family or travelling alone, our classes are great for all travelers – for guests of all ages and for all cooking skills. Our local instructors have an unbelievable list of recipes and techniques including many for vegetarians and dessert admirers. For 3-4 hours, you will receive a lot of hands-on fun learning how to cook three original Guatemalan dishes. We start with a little excursion to the market to buy ingredients and to meet resident vendors and producers. Then we make our way to the kitchen to start cooking. 

Duration: Approx. 3 hours. Price per guest from: $30

Island hopping expedition

This is an unexampled adventure to explore the most isolated parts of the Belize barrier reef to experiment some of her best snorkeling areas! This amazing holiday is created as an island hopping adventure for all those who want to experience this unoccupied Caribbean heaven.

Duration: 3 days & 2 nights. Price per guest from: $450

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