El Mirador, Guatemala

Often when you hear about the great pyramids of the world you think about the Egyptian pyramids or perhaps the Pyramid of the Sun in Mexico. But did you know that Guatemala is actually home to the largest pyramid in the world? ‘La Danta’ Pyramid of El Mirador is located in the Northern Petén region of Guatemala.

The Los City of the Mayans – El Mirador

El Mirador in Guatemala is also known as The Lost City of Maya, is largely uncovered and therefore getting there is an adventure in itself. There are no roads. Many take a quick flight from Flores while others take the more adventurous route and hike through the jungles of Petén.
There is no correct way of getting there but if you have the time we would highly suggest this location make it to the top of your Guatemalan bucket list. You can join group tours from Flores Island; you have two options: one is join a five day trek through the jungle or the second is helicopter tours to the site

An amazing adventure to the Mayan city of El Mirador, Guatemala

El Mirador: The Cradle of Mayan Civilization

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