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Some Facts about the Country El Salvador in Central America

Travel Information El Salvador

El Salvador is located in Central America. It borders Honduras and Guatemala. It also has beaches on the Pacific OceanWhen you travel to a Central American country, the first thing you need is to have the most relevant information of the country on hand, so you can fully enjoy your El Salvador trip.  Read below the best practical travel information and the top activities in El Salvador.

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Travel Information El Salvador

Top Rated Activities in El Salvador

Practical Travel Information El Salvador

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⚐ Flag
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💶 Currency
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Capital City

Capital City – San Salvador:  The capital of this country offers city tours to admire its architecture and national monuments, like the Metropolitan Cathedral, the National Theater or the Plaza El Salvador del Mundo. You can take a hike to the San Salvador Volcano. At its summit, you can admire the entire city and its beautiful landscape. The capital is only thirty kilometers from the country’s beaches. So having information about the tours in the city is a good option before visiting the beaches.


The official language is Spanish. 

Time zone

GMT – 6



It is made up of three horizontal stripes: two blue stripes with a white stripe in the center. The blue stripes on the top and bottom represent the two oceans that border Central America: the Atlantic and the Pacific. The central white stripe represents peace.

Travel Documents

All foreign visitors to El Salvador must hold a return or onward ticket, and the travel documents that are required for your next destination.
Your passport should be valid for at least six months after departure from El Salvador. Please note that passport requirements can change in a short notice. Therefore we advise you to check the passport requirements with the embassy or consulate of your country.


There is no visa required for a stay up to three months in El Salvador. Please note that visa requirements can change in a short notice. Therefore we advise you to check the visa requirements with the embassy or consulate of your country.

Airport Tax

A tax is required for visitors departing El Salvador by air or sea. However, this tax is usually included in the price of the ticket.

El Salvador Airports

El Salvador International Airport. (commercial flights):

  • Located in San Luis Talpa (40 km from San Salvador)
  • Codes (IATA) SAL (ICAO) MSLP

Ilopango International Airport (charter flights)

  • Located in Ilopango, San Salvador 
  • Codes (IATA) ILS (ICAO) MSSS


American dollar (USD)

Bank Facilities

Withdrawing money from ATMs can be done in all larger cities. Usually you can only withdraw with a Visa card. Master card are not accepted everywhere. You can always withdraw money by credit-card, however there is an additional fee attached. Make sure you have no bills larger than 20 dollars as there is not always enough change.

Local Cuisine

The cuisine of El Salvador is a blend of Spanish and indigenous cultures.
Corn, beans and tomatoes are in almost all dishes Soups and seafood are also very popular.


There are no vaccinations required to enter El Salvador. However, you are advised to take precautions against Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis, Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Polio. A vaccination certificate is required when you arrive from a Yellow Fever infected area. Furthermore, you are advised to discuss your travel plans with a health- care provider to determine which vaccinations you might need.


While traveling in El Salvador, you are advised to avoid tap water, fountain drinks and ice cubes. It is advisable to only drink bottled or boiled water.



The electricity current is 115 volts, 60Hz. El Salvador generally accepts the following plugs:

  • Flat blade plug
  • Two parallel flat pins with ground pin
  • Three round pins arranged in a triangle
  • V- shaped flat prongs
  • Two round pins


The larger parts of El Salvador have tropical temperatures throughout the year. The higher altitudes of El Salvador have a climate that is significantly cooler. During the winter months, the top of the mountain ‘Cerro El Pital’, is the only place in El Salvador covered in snow.

Best time to Visit

Animal and nature lovers will find summer months to be best for travel with parks being opened. Surfers will enjoy the large waves during the rainy season from March to November. It tends to rain for a short amount of time each day, still providing enough time to surf the waves.

Travel Safety El Salvador

El Salvador has a reputation of being a dangerous country, but tourists find certain parts to be safe and wonderful to visit. Mayan Gateway stays aware of all travel warnings. The safety and security of their travelers is of utmost importance. Following travel warnings and taking general precautions will allow you to have a safe visit to El Salvador. Statistics alone do not portray the picture of the amazing travels and sights that await a traveler there.

All travelers should be aware of surroundings at all times. It is best to keep a limited amount of money and personal items on you, as robberies do occur in all parts of the world. Many people prefer to use crossbody purses or waist bags for more security. For extra peace of mind, consider using our tour services and assistance.

Top Rated Activities in El Salvador

For Natural Lovers
Colonial Towns
Mayan sites
Visit its Wonderful Churches


The country has more than three hundred kilometers on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. The waves of these beaches have the reputation of being the best in the world for surfing. Here you can find information on some popular places in the country for this activity.

Surfing on El Tunco Beach

The highest waves occur in the rainy season between May and October. However, in March and April they are very good too. If you are a beginner, there are instructors on the beach who, after a not very ostentatious instruction, will allow you to start mastering the waves with your board. It is normal in this beach to find a good number of visitors practicing surfing and a party atmosphere, which makes the experience more pleasant. You will find the beach forty-seven kilometers from San Salvador.

El Zonte Beach

This is another popular surfing destination. It is a less visited beach, and there is not a party atmosphere all the time, like in other places. However, the waves are excellent for surfing and more for beginners, as there are more moderate waves. 

You find more spaces on the beach to relax and sunbathe here. Hotel and restaurant prices are much more comfortable, as are surf lessons and board rentals. It is located forty-eight kilometers from the capital city.


The country has a chain of mountains and volcanoes ideal for hiking. Santa Ana Volcano is one of the most popular. Upon reaching its summit at 2,381 masl, you will see a beautiful lava lake in its crater. The color of the lava changes with the sunlight between turquoise and blue

The tour lasts around four hours, so an average level of physical fitness is required. It is advisable to plan the trip with a professional guide for your safety. The volcano is located sixty-two kilometers from the capital. 

Extreme Adventures – Rappel, Caving, Hiking and Zipline:  

Near the capital, there is the option to practice all these adventures in one place, ‘The Devil’s Door’. It is a mountain with impressive rock formations and a cliff. You can hike in this place and choose your level of difficulty. The ascent begins on stairs made of stone until you reach the top of the cliff. 

Being at this level, you choose the adventure. Canopyfly by the cables suspended from the zip line. Rappel – descend the mountain through jumps in the rocks with a cable that holds you. Also, you can enjoy caving near the mountain. Just fifteen kilometers from San Salvador is one of the tours that you can choose when you visit the city.

For Nature Lovers  

For visitors who like to explore the natural beauties and get away from the hustle and bustle of the cities, this country offers you very good options. Below you can read about a couple of them.

The Seven Waterfalls Adventure  

If you are a lover of adventures in nature hiking, climbing and swimming, a tour of the seven waterfalls cannot be missing from your trip list. At least a medium level to a high level of fitness is required, due to the possible difficulty you will face. You will be hiking through nature on a four-hour journey, including mountaineering, to reach the waterfalls. 

Altogether there are seven waterfalls, each with a different level of climbing difficulty, rock difficulty and incline level. A dip in the crystal clear water of the waterfalls can not be missed. It is compensation for the hard work to reach them. 

Tourists from different parts of the world marvel at this tour of natural beauty and enjoy challenging themselves on these adventures. The usual thing is to finish the tour in Los Chorros de la Calera. These are waterfalls that go down the mountain and supply natural swimming pools. This entire route of natural beauty is located eighty-six kilometers from the capital city.    

Journey Through the Impossible National Park 

A visit that you cannot miss on a trip to El Salvador to practice hiking, swimming and mountaineering is located in this national park. This is an intermediate level walk in a tropical forest. On the way you will find a diversity of plants and trees, in addition to many animal species, such as toucans and white-tailed deer. 

The trails will take you through rivers of very clean water where you can enjoy a refreshing swim. The name of this beautiful park is due to the fact that previously it was impossible to cross the mountain by horse or mule. The park is located in the west of the country one hundred and twenty kilometers from the capital.

Colonial Towns 

The country offers you visits to very beautiful colonial cities. The architecture and shops of these beautiful cities give the feeling that you are in the Colonial Era.

Colonial City – Suchitoto  

This town is called the cultural capital of El Salvador, and you can choose a tour of it. Its origins date back to the fifteenth century. It has perfectly preserved colonial-style buildings and stone-paved streets. The cafes and restaurants you find are in the same colonial style. 

Do not miss a visit to the Don Alejandro Coto House Museum. It is recommended for its beautiful and valuable works of art. Suchitoto is located forty-eight kilometers from the capital. 

Route of the Flowers   

This pleasant journey will take you through the Apaneca Mountain Range. You will be passing through picturesque villages where you can admire the architecture of their houses and buildings. Traditions, handicrafts, popular markets and delicious gastronomy are some of the things you will enjoy on this tour. 

It is a good way to get to know the country’s culture and have a very pleasant relaxing time. The towns along the route of the flowers are located in the west of the country, eighty-six kilometers from San Salvador. 

Mayan Sites 

The country offers visitors tours of its archaeological sites. You will find several Mayan tours where you will be able to admire magnificent structures and vestiges of the ancient Mayan world.  Below you will find information for your trip to El Salvador about some Mayan cities.

Joya de Ceren

You must schedule a visit to this archaeological site on your trip to this country. The information you need to know is that this Mayan site is very special because it represents what the daily life of the Mayans was like. An eruption buried the site in 600 A.D. In it you will find municipal-type structures and even toilets. 

You can also admire an exhibition of ceramics, textiles, utensils and more representing the daily life and commerce of the ancient Maya. This archaeological site was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The ruins are located thirty-three kilometers from the capital.

Tazumal Ruins  

This archaeological site has the best preserved ruins in the country. On the way, you will be able to admire Mayan ceremonial sites, tombs, pyramids, ball games and sacred sculptures. The ruins date from 100 AD; although its origins in the underground area of ​​Chapualpa from 1200 BC. The Mayan city is located seventy-three kilometers from the capital.

Visit its Wonderful Churches

Without a doubt one of the greatest tourist places in the country is its magnificent churches, samples of the devotion of the inhabitants. Below you will find information about some of them.

Visit El Rosario Church 

It is well known for being a true work of art. Its shape looks like that of an aircraft hangar. The multicolored crystals on its ceiling at dusk filter the light and form a rainbow leading to the church altar. It has sculptures of the twelve stages of the cross, designed with metal. You can visit this church before the religious services begin, before four in the afternoon. It is located in the capital city. 

Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus 

Here is another recommended visit on your trip to El Salvador.  Undoubtedly the beauty of its neo-Gothic architecture originated in the 17th century. The church has been standing for over a hundred years and withstood a strong earthquake in 1917. Visiting the church is allowed when there is no service. The basilica is located in the capital of the country.