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Guatemala is an incomparable vacation destination and during this getaway, designed for families, friends or couples, you will discover its unique richness and biodiversity that promises unforgettable experiences for any traveler. 

Whether you are looking for adventure, sightseeing, hiking or rest and relaxation, you will enjoy Guatemala’s traditions, customs and folklore abound amidst an astonishing backdrop of scenery filled with jungles, mountains, and lakes along a panorama of more than 30 volcanoes. During this 7-day trip, guided by an expert on each tour, you will see famous sites of both ancient and contemporary Mayan culture and civilization.

❂ Highlights

  1. Volcano Pacaya Hike
  2. Coffee Tour Philadelphia Farm
  3. Colonial city of Antigua Guatemala
  4. Tour of the Mayan City of Iximche
  5. Indigenous Villages Boat Tour in Lake Atitlan
  6. Tour to the indigenous market of Chichicastenango
  7. Sunset Boat Tour of the Lake ‘Petén’
  8. Mayan City of Tikal


Guatemala map, Central America
Guatemala a bit of everything

Guatemala a bit of everything


Upon your arrival, a guide will be waiting for you. Your guide will drive you to Antigua Guatemala.


Antigua Guatemala is one of the most beautiful colonial cities in the Americas. It’s full of well-preserved Spanish architecture, and it is home to stunning ruins of colonial convents and churches. Three volcanoes – Agua, Fuego and Acatenango – form a dramatic and breathtaking backdrop to the city.


Antigua City Tour


You will experience a private guided tour of the Antigua’s famous cathedral, along with the most beautiful churches and ruins of this city. Present day, Antigua’s cobblestone streets are bustling with wonderful restaurants and bars, cultural attractions, and colonial architecture and ruins. Antigua is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Coffee Tour Philadelphia Farm


First, you will step into the shoes of a Guatemalan coffee farmer. On this tour, you will hike through coffee fields, harvest beans, and learn to process and roast the coffee with traditional tools. End the experience by making your own fresh cup of coffee.


Volcano Pacaya Hike


Later, you will hike Volcano Pacaya. The most active volcano in Guatemala. It stands at 2,500 meters above sea level. From this volcano, you will be able to take in the magnificent views of the Calderas Lagoon and view three other volcanoes: Agua, Fuego, and Acatenango. You will also get the chance to walk safely over volcanic rock formed from lava flows. This hike is accessible for people of any hiking ability.

Mayan site in the highlands


Upon entering Iximché, several ceremonial plazas with buildings that reach ten meters high can be seen. Surrounding the place with a forest shape and a carpet of grass-colored color and varied vegetation where the air is quite pure, you will quickly notice the abundance of green. You can see the four squares of the four main families with their ball games.


It is a peaceful place where nature merges with culture and ritual. The ceremonial center that is at the end is the icing on the cake, because one can learn from the Kakchiquel culture and feel the last site of the descendants of the Mayas in the post-classic period.


Zip Line tour – Nature Reserve


Along the way to Lake Atitlan, you have the option to stop at the Atitlan Nature Reserve and to experience the largest zip-line canopy tour in Central America, as well as views of waterfalls and unparalleled hiking. The tour starts with a hike to a high point in the mountains. There you will find the top of the canopy and the beginning of the zip line cables. You’ll get a bird’s eye view of the forest on this unique adventure.


Look for monkeys, and many other species, as well as learn about the natural surroundings. If soaring through the heights is not for you, a variety of hikes and other activities are available at Lake Atitlan Nature Reserve. Later, you will drive to Panajachel where a small boat will be waiting for you. A boat driver will take you to your hotel in the mountains of Lake Atitlan, where you will have amazing views of the lake. 

On this day, you will go on a boat tour to explore the breathtaking Lake Atitlan and the indigenous towns on its shores.. These are great places to see the beauty and variety of Mayan culture and traditional textiles. Every town has a distinct Mayan dress with patterns and colors representing their particular history and traditions.


Santiago Atitlán


This is a very colorful town with many natural activities to do. On the same street of the dock, there are sales of spectacular paintings made by local artisans. Their craft walk is known for its beautiful variety.


San Juan La Laguna


Make a stop to visit a coffee farm in the town of San Juan. Learn about coffee production in Guatemala and sample some of the best coffee in the country!


Santa Catarina


This is one of the most impressive and colorful destinations on the shores of Lake Atitlan, known for its picturesque streets, crafts and panoramic landscapes. It is known as the “colors village”.

In Chichicastenango you’ll discover the most colorful market of Central America, it takes place only on in Chichicastenango. Discover the most colorful market of Central America. It takes place on Thursdays and Sundays only.


The handicrafts produced in Guatemala have a great variety of colors and patterns that are representative of the multicultural characteristics of the country. You will have the chance to buy many different designs and souvenirs directly from the producers.


After the tour to Chichicastenango, your driver will take you to Guatemala City for your one hour flight to Flores Island. You will now reach one of the most iconic and beautiful sites in Guatemala, full of Mayan cultural richness, Flores Island.

Your driver will pick you up from your hotel in the morning and transfer you to Tikal National Park. The massive ruins of Tikal are a carefully restored area of 222 square miles. The tour guide will walk you through the jungle to the site of the highest temple, which you can ascend to witness spectacular views of the Mayan ruins. 


The sound is as impressive as the view – you’ll hear a cacophony of monkeys, birds and other insects sounding the jungle’s alarm clock – a truly magical experience! During this day you can go on the Sunset Boat Tour of the lake and the island. You will enjoy the Lake Peten sunset by boat.

Today ends your Guatemala travel package and you will depart from Flores Island and head to the airport for a flight to Guatemala City international airport. If you would like to customize a personalized itinerary, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Extensions ⇢

Jungle trek to El Mirador

Presently, there is no excavated ruin more isolated, more secluded, more truly lost than El Mirador. It has the biggest known pyramid in the Maya world. The reward for those travelers who choose this expedition is glorious – an opportunity to observe the most extraordinary jewel of Maya culture.

Duration: 5 days. Level: difficult.  Price per guest from: $380

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Sunrise hike to the Nose of the Mayan

As you hike up in the dark you feel the vastness of Lake Atitlan. It is a total detonation of colors even on a cloudy day. On a clear day you will be able to see the three volcanoes at the lake and beyond. You could even see eruptions of Volcan de Fuego from a distance.

Duration: half day. Level: moderate. Price per guest from: $60

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Overnight hike to Volcano Acatenango

This expedition is the best plan to experience the volcano as it allows climbers to take in astonishing nightfall views of flowing lava. Although hard for even the most seasoned hiker, search no further than this hike to have the best that Guatemala has to offer to adrenaline-junkies and adventure-seekers.

Duration: 2 days. Level: difficult. Price per guest from: $130


Best Mayan Ruins

It has been proven that the Mayan civilization emerged in the exuberant jungles of the North region of the country. This is where the greatest number and concentration of archaeological sites of this civilization are located and where the evolution of Mayan constructions can be established.

Tailor-made itineraries. 

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