Lobster-fest in Belize

Travel Belize and be part of the Lobster-fest in Placencia, it takes place on the last weekend in June every year. The largest celebrations occur on Saturday of that weekend. The Lobster-fest is a massive fair where you can find a wide variety of lobster dishes such as lobster ceviche, grilled lobster or curried lobster.

Travel Belize and enjoy the festival

Children can enjoy games, fun competitions like volleyball or tug of wa. At night the Lobster-fest commences, you can participate in the festivities and enjoy the first lobster dishes while being entertained by national Belizean entertainers performing dances.

The major festivities will occur with an extravagant fair during the day and dancing into the night. You can enjoy all kinds of lobster dishes throughout Placencia, and participate in fun games and competitions with other visitors and locals.  Travel Belize and enjoy the Lobster-fest in Placencia and relax at the beach, on your verandah or by the pool.

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