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Central America and Mexico

Private transportation services in Central America. From the moment you land in Central America Mayan Gateway will not only provide incredible sights to see and places to visit, but our drivers will also get you from point A to B quickly and comfortably.

Transportation Services in Central America

Each tour operates with exclusively private transfers. Mayan Gateway ensures your safety, comfort, and timeliness. All vehicles are air conditioned, and all drivers are experienced and dedicated to keeping you safe at all times.

We have implemented guidelines to prevent the Coronavirus disease COVID-19 spread. Every shuttle and tour includes guidelines recommended by the World Health Organization. Β Mayan Gateway strongly recommends to take private transportation and tours while traveling in Central America to make sure you keep social distancing.Β 

Long gone are the days of struggling to find a taxi and worrying about paying the right price. If you have a change of plans or decide to go somewhere new, our staff will arrange a transfer for you.

Airport Transfers

As soon as you arrive at any of the airports in Central America, one of our drivers will be waiting for you with a sign so you know exactly where to go.

Our drivers are multi-lingual and will work with you to make sure you have everything you need upon arrival. Drivers and guides can also assist you in locating and facilitating currency exchanges.

Volcano de Agua in Antigua Guatemala. FAQ Travel Company Guatemala. Transportation Services in Central America.
Volcano de Agua in Antigua Guatemala.

There is no need to worry about holding up a shuttle on long transfers for bathroom breaks. When it is just you and your group, your driver is available to make accommodations as you need.

Domestic Flights

Domestic flights within a country allow for new travel opportunities. Domestic flights may be included in your travel package, and we take care of the booking. Instances like a trip to Tikal, the great Mayan ruins in the north of Guatemala, may be when we book a flight to maximize your time in the country.

If your trip includes an island stay, you will most likely take a domestic flight to and from the island. Often times, these flights are on smaller passenger planes and last an hour or less.

Connecting flights throughout Central America

In our vacation packages that include multiple countries, we often organize a connecting flight. It decreases travel time significantly and gives you more time to explore.

Not only do these flights make travel a breeze, flying Copa Airlines with peace of mind regarding safety and security adds a new experience to your journey as you soar above the breathtaking landscapes.

Hotels Booking

Rest assured when you book your tour with ys that all of your accommodations are covered. Based on your budget and desired level of comfort, we take care of all hotel bookings. All accommodation includes a private bathroom, spacious rooms, helpful staff, and breakfast every morning.

One of the very small islands of Cayos Cochinos, Honduras.
One of the very small islands of Cayos Cochinos, Honduras.

If you have any special requests or concerns regarding hotels, contact us and we will be happy to organize a solution. If you find yourself wanting to leave the hotel for dinner or a specific outing, simply communicate with Mayan Gateway to schedule a private transportation Central America to your destination.

Convention Tourism

Convention Tourism is an emerging and alternative motive to travel. This entails visiting a city or country to attend a specific event, gathering, convention, or fair.

Sunset on house in highlands of Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, Central America. Guatemala Trips
Sunset on house in highlands of Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, Central America

Often times, large groups traveling together are interested in various seminars or trainings related to their company or organization. Mayan Gateway offer tours with conventions. If there is a specific event you or your group is interested in, we will work to include said event in the itinerary.Β 

Your group or convention will have access to our private transportation Central America for any size of participants.Β