The Majestic San Felipe Castle

If you want to spend your next vacation in Guatemala, you cannot miss a tour that will take you to the Castillo de San Felipe. It will certainly remind you of the Medieval Era when you spot it in the distance. This stone fortress linking Lake Izabal with the Río Dulce, since it is located precisely at the mouth of both, is in other words an impressive and majestic part of Guatemalan history.

San Felipe Castle & Pirates

Did you know that this castle was built in the 16th Century to defend ships from Spain that brought cargo to Guatemala?  Since the ships that entered through the Golfo Dulce were assaulted by pirates, the King of Spain ordered the construction, therefore the castle served as a fort to defend ships. In addition, it also served as a dungeon for captured pirates.

In ancient times this fortress led battles against pirates of the Caribbean and as a result, it was restored many times after a confrontation.  As in the movies, the pirates used to attack with their cannons, and the fort defended with its own. What was then a defense fortress is now a national monument, preferred by tourists on their Guatemala vacations. Known for its eras of pirate battles, San Felipe Castle is worthy of any adventure film.

A must in your next Guatemala vacation

A guided visit to the Castillo de San Felipe is a must. You will get to know each of its environments, climb its towers, and you can admire its war cannons that it still preserves. Take it into account for your next Guatemala vacation. There are many tours that take you through a series of attractions around Río Dulce, including a visit to the Castillo de San Felipe, a true wonder in history.

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