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Captivating Mayan Ruins

14 days & 13 nights
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Cancun International Airport
Cancun International Airport

♡ The most Captivating Mayan Ruins in Mexico


Embark on this two-week adventure exploring some of the most captivating Mayan ruins in Mexico.  This trip designed for family and friends, promises you unforgettable experiences through the stunning Mayan Riviera and beyond.  Discover the Mayan culture, its traditions and history through this tour that will take you from the beautiful Caribbean coast of Cancun to the stunning colonial city of Merida, encircled by ancient temples and sacred cenotes.  

During these 14 days you will experience closely the fascinating Mayan history throughout its impressive ancient ruins like the ones in Puuc Route, Uxmal, Calakmul and many others.  End the journey in the dazzling Tulum, the small Mayan City on the beautiful Caribbean coast from where you also will visit the Mayan site of Coba, off the beaten path. 

➢ Highlights

  • Marvelous Mayan ruins such as Uxmal, Calakmul, and Edzna
  • City of Merida
  • Reserve Ring of the Cenotes
  • Colonial city of Campeche
  • Beaches of Tulum

📖 The most Captivating Mayan Ruins in Mexico


Day 1:  Arrive to the international airport of Cancun

To start the travel, there will be someone at the airport waiting to welcome you and drive you to your hotel in Cancún

Day 2:  Cancun – Museums and The “Meco” archaeological site

To start with you will visit the Maya Museum of Cancún, here you will learn about the ancient roots of the Mayan culture of the region and enjoy displays of architecture and Mayan art.  This museum is also home to the remains of the famous “Woman of the Palms” of 10,000 year old.

The seabed based Cancun Underwater Museum, with more than 500 sculptures submerged at depths between three to six meters, is a delight visit for snorkeling and diving adventurous. You can even enjoy this remarkable display from a glass bottom boat if the snorkel or dive is not your thing.

To finish the day, we will visit the archaeological site “The Meco”, with a pyramid of 12.5 meters tall called “The Castle ”, from the top of this temple you will enjoy impressive views of the coastline and Mujeres Island.

Day 3: Cancun – Merida, Walking tour, Mayan World Museum

You will arrive today to the colonial city of Merida, upon arrival you will enjoy a walking tour to the beautiful old city center surrounded by flower gardens, fountains, palm trees and of course its impressive architecture.  

You will also visit the huge Mayan World Museum, one of the most important and ultra modern in Mexico.  Holding more than 1,100 relics, this visit promises an impressive display of the past and present of the Mayan culture.

Day 4:  Merida – Puuc Route Ruins

With a particular style of architecture, the ancient structures, temples, housing and buildings built on this route are connected by an ancient Mayan pathway.   Today we will visit the sites of Kabah, Sayil and Labna, these sites were constructed over a thousand years ago in the hilly area of Yucatan, indeed the word “Puuc” comes from the Mayan for hills and therefore its name.

Day 5:  Merida – Archeological site and Natural Reserve Ring of the Cenotes 

We will first visit the archaeological site of Xlapak, here is found one of the greatest jewels of the Puuc architectural style. In Mayan language its name means “Old walls” and “The Palace” its richly decorated main structure, is dedicated to the God of Rain.

After the archaeological visit, we will go to the Natural Reserve “Ring of the Cenotes”. This wonder is a semicircle shaped alignment related to the fall of the meteorite more than 50 million year ago.  Here we will visit the Homun and Cuzama communities, situated in the center of the ring; the communities are dedicated to showing and preserving these natural wonders.  The area offers the unparalleled chance of exploring a huge variety of cenotes and caves, each one with a beauty that impacts. 

You can find here a Cenote for every taste, from those with a unique and calm beauty of  transparent green waters you will not want to ever leave to those that offer the most thrilling experiences such as pulling a liana or descend more than seven meters for a dive.  This natural paradise will surely note leave you indifferent.

Day 6:  Visit a fascinating Mayan site – Campeche

We will leave Merida today and head to one of the most beautiful Pre-Columbian sites in Mexico, Uxmal, a astonig grand finale to the  journey down the Puuc Route Ruins. 

Explore this impressive complex with several religious and political palaces, housing structures, ball courts and its most outstanding building, 35 meter tall and a notable oval base, is the highest in the complex and is known as:  “The Pyramid of the Magician”, local legends say that it bears that name because it was built in a single night.

After this impressive visit, we will reach the walled city of Campeche where we will do a walking tour to enjoy its colorful streets that mix with baroque temples and sobers bastions. Its colonial houses, museums, forts and traditional neighborhoods will certainly rejoice your sight.

Day 7:  Campeche – Edzna 

You will visit today the beaten path archaeological site of Edzna, its imposing temple, the Pyramid of the Five Floors is 39 meters high. This ancient Mayan city is fantastically well preserved therefore it is easy to imagine how this city would be like at its peak, full of color, crowds and movement.  

More than 200 structures have been located to date, such as building and housing complexes, bases, platforms, ball games, roads, etc. In addition to the monumental constructions, the ancient inhabitants of this city also created an ingenious hydraulic system.

Day 8:  Campeche – Jungle reserve and Mayan ruins

Today we will go south to Xpujil town, located in the middle of the jungle. It is ideal to enjoy the exuberant local flora and fauna.  Along the way we will visit three nearby sites that stand out for their rare Mayan palatial architecture.

The first of them is Becan, in Mayan language its name means “Cannon formed by water”. It is an ancient city characterized by being surrounded by a moat, unique in the Mayan area.  On the other hand, Structure VIII has as a peculiarity its access through a tunnel that connects two of the main squares of this city

The second site, Chicanna which means “The Mouth of the Serpent” due to the elegance and decorative richness of its buildings, has been considered by some researchers as the elitist center of the region.

The third and last that we will visit today is Xpujil, its name means “Cat’s Tail” in allusion to a herbaceous plant that looks like it.   It is composed of approximately 17 architectural groups and numerous platforms of a residential nature scattered over an area of approximately 5 square kilometers.

Day 9:  Xpujil – Calakmul

We will visit today one of the most fascinating Mayan ruins in this area, Calakmul, its name means “Between two adjacent stones”.  This secret gemm of the Mayan archeology remained hidden for more than 1,000 years and is a place where you can feel like a true explorer and be overwhelmed by the power of man and the greatness of nature. 

With structures up to 45 meters high, more than one hundred commemorative stelae and several tombs adorned with numerous vessels and elements as masks, jadeite necklaces and marine snails, among others. The extraordinary beauty and complexity of this Mayan city has caused it to be a Mixed World Heritage Site by UNESCO.  Due to its great natural and wild wealth is also a Biosphere Reserve that is home to about 100 mammals including the puna or the iconic jaguar.

Day 10:  Drive to Tulum – Paradise Beach

Today you will be transferred to the magical town of Tulum, with beautiful white sand beaches, lagoons, cenotes and caverns that impress with their beauty and natural splendor.  Upon arrival you could visit the Paradise Beach to enjoy a breathtaking sunset, its calm and beautiful waters are perfect for enjoy a drink on the beach while admiring the ruis above

Day 11:  Tulum Archaeological Site and Cenote

After breakfast you will start visiting the amazing walled city of Tulum, located on a cliff overlooking the clear turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea, the spectacular location of this site is absolutely worth a visit.

Our last visit of the day will be to the Mayan underworld, with a refreshing stop at the Cenote Choo-Ha, a water filled natural sinkhole which name means “Dripping Water”.  A spacious cavern where the shallow and crystalline jade-colored waters surround an earthy island, the whole cavern is filled by stalactites and stalagmites that are constantly leaking, hence its name.  After this adequate stop where you can enjoy a refreshing swim, you will be taken back to your hotel. 

Day 12:  Tulum – Coba

From the top of the tallest ancient pyramid of Coba, the jungle canopy looks like a living green colossal carpet. Archaeologists consider the Mayan ruins of Coba were an unbelievable decisive city for the Maya civilization. Nonetheless, due to its faraway position, this gigantic site is not as trendy with travelers as other ruins. But there are abounding reasons to explore the city of white roads.

Because Coba does not have as many visitors asother destinations, so you can actually climb some of the temples for an absolutely contrasting and uncommon viewpoint. The lifted stone roadways connect clusters of residential sections to the main plaza and small lakes used as an adjacent water supply. There are three very cool ways to explore the site forward on these roads. You will be able to hike, hire a bici taxi, or the most favorite, rent a bicycle!

One of the most beloved reasons to see Coba is that it is not as uncovered as other sites in the Mayan world, so you will feel like you are hiking through a jungle, with many great structures still covered by the jungle canopy.

Here is the tallest pyramid in the north of the peninsula with 42 meters high, some interesting stelae where important events of the upper class of society were sculpted are preserved on the esplanade in front of it. 

Day 13: Tulum – Free Day

You will have a free day to enjoy the Mexican Caribbean, beautiful white sand beaches and palm trees, turquoise blue sea, spectacular lagoons and underwater caverns.  This unique region, rich in Mayan culture and history, is also rich in diversity, gastronomy and natural resources.

Day 14:  Tulum – Cancun airport

This journey through some of the most fascinating Mayan ruins in Mexico has come to an end and today a private transfer will take you to the Cancun International Airport for your flight back home. But if you are craving for adventure has not stopped yet, you can contact us and we will help you extend the trip.

📍 Map

The most Captivating Mayan Ruins in Mexico
The most Captivating Mayan Ruins in Mexico Map

🏷 Price

From $1900 per guest

Expenses included:

  • All transportation door-to-door service
  • Professional local guides for the tours listed in the itinerary
  • 13 nights hotel accommodation. Hotels carefully selected.
  • All park entrance fees
  • Daily breakfast
  • Taxes

⇢ Extension

The most Captivating Mayan Ruins in Mexico

The Mayan City of Chichen Itza

One of the most fascinating Mayan ruins in Mexico is without any doubt Chichen Itza.  Known worldwide for the play of light and shadow that looks like a descending serpent over the steps of the pyramid known as “The Castle”.   Today you will explore this fascinating Mayan city, now UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The sensation you feel when discovering the genius of that pre hispanic civilization is certainly indescribable.  Another impressive effects in “The Castle” is the sound that is reflected in the upper part when several tourists clap simultaneously at the bottom.

Duration: 1 day. Price per guest from: $90

📓The most Captivating Mayan Ruins in Mexico

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