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Helicopter tour to El Mirador

3 days & 2 nights
Availability : All year
Guatemala City International Airport
Guatemala City International Airport

Helicopter tour to El Mirador


Helicopter Tour to El Mirador. The incomparable views mixed deep in the jungle canopy of the colossal Mayan Biosphere in Guatemala provide a glimpse back in time. As the helicopter will pull above the treeline, the sight of Lake Petén will make you already joyful you choose this expedition. The color of the water is turquoise blended with greens that change almost yellow near the shallow shore. It is almost an hour of flying from the island of Flores to the archeological site, so settle back and observe the fields thin, the farms dissolve and then it is just jungle. No fields, no roads, no farms, no houses, just endless, magnificent jungle as far as you are able to see. 

As the helicopter lands clearly and it touches down in a verdant opening that from above seemed no larger than a bathmat. As the blades wind down, and you get off the aircraft, the first thing that you hear is… nothing at all.  No vehicles in the distance, no people, no honks, no engines. Just jungle melodies – howler and spider monkeys, cicadas buzzing, wind through leaves, birds.

This amazing Tour offers 3 days to enjoy one of the greatest wonders Guatemala has for you!  Often times when you hear about the great pyramids of the world, the Egyptian pyramids or perhaps the Pyramid of the Sun in Mexico may come to mind.

But did you know that Guatemala is actually home to the biggest pyramid in terms of volume in the world?  The Mirador, known to many as the cradle of Mayan Civilization, is located in the dense jungles of northern Guatemala. Enjoy with friends or family and relax while the most amazing sunset in Flores Island dazzles your eyes!


  1. The Great Mayan City of El Mirador
  2. Flores Island and Lake Peten 

Helicopter tour to El Mirador

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Helicopter tour to El Mirador

Itinerary | 3 days & 2 nights
Day 1. Arrival at Guatemala City Airport, and flight to Flores Island

Upon arrival, you will take a 1 hour domestic flight to Flores Island. Once on the island, the adventure of this tour package begins: sit on the shore aside the pristine blue waters of Lake Peten Itza. Finally, enjoy your time on the Sunset Boat Ride of the lake and the island.

Day 2. Helicopter tour to El Mirador

Today you will do a Helicopter tour to El Mirador. It is comprised of miles of unrestored pyramids and structures that have seemingly become part of the jungle. El Mirador is the home of the amazing pyramid La Danta. 

To give you some perspective, the base of La Danta is so vast that it would cover 35 football fields. La Danta is, in fact, the largest structure that has ever been built by the Mayans, and some consider it to be the largest pyramid in the world in terms of volume in existence.

The discover of this amazing Mayan City has attracted the attention of the world, and nowadays you will find coverages and write-ups in site like National Geographic.

Day 3. Flight back to Guatemala City. 

Today is the last day of your Guatemala Mayan tour package. A domestic flight will bring you back to Guatemala City International Airport where you will take your flight back home with a memory full of wonderful experiences in the Mayan world!

Feel free to Contact us if you would like to have an extension of your tour. 



El Mirador: The greatest Mayan City
Map of the Lost Mayan City of El Mirador.


From $825 per person
  • Domestic FlightsGuatemala City to Flores Island, round trip.
  • Helicopter tour to El MiradorHelicopter ride round trip to El Mirador
  • 2 Nights Hotel AccommodationAccommodation in hotels selected according to your wishes and priorities
  • Tour GuideProfessional tour guide for El Mirador tour.
  • Entrance FeesEntrance fees for the Archeological site of El Mirador
  • All transportationDoor to door transportation for the tours listed in the itinerary
  • Boat RidesSunset Boat Tour of the lake Petén Itzá
  • FoodDaily breakfast and lunch during the helicopter tour
  • Price does not included✗ International flights ✗ Personal, travel and cancellation insurance ✗ Other expenses than indicated
  • * This price is based in 8 guests


Optional tours

Adventure tour to the Blue Crater

See one of the isolated jewels of northern Guatemala, the exquisite translucent waters of the Blue Crater, where tourists can swim in a natural environment. It is one of the water sources of the river of passion. An off-the-beaten-track destination to savor luminous fine blue waters, jungle rivers, nature, and take fun photos, the River Basin is a marine garden. 

Duration: one day. Price per guest from: $150

National Park Lagoon of the Tiger

There is a sample of nature heaven, virgin and very secluded in the northwestern edge of Guatemala: National Park Lagoon of the Tiger.  A scientific investigation center within the park, Scarlet Macaw Biological Station offers wildlife-watching and archaeology tours and the chance to tag along with investigators as they monitor macaws and butterflies. 

Duration from: 2 days. Price per guest from: $380 

The great Mayan City of Tikal

Visit the amazing milestones in the history of Tikal and the Mayans during this trip One day Tikal tour. Your expert guide will show you the layout of the temples, architecture, history and some theories of why they disappeared. During the Tikal tour, you will have the opportunity to see monkeys, parrots, macaws, and toucans on site.

Duration: 1 day. Price per person from: $70 | Read more →

Zip line in a Natural park

Fly through the treetops and rise above the jungle canopy on this zipline and eco-excursion tour. Guests will have a view of a bird of the lush forest of Guatemala, where native plants, animals and trees compose a particular ecological community. Enjoy the charm of this natural park on this family friendly trip of adventure. 

Duration: half day. Price per guest from: $40

Helicopter tour to El Mirador

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